Individual thought

Concerns of conceptions 

Remember, you are not supposed to trust everyone, nor, do you give respect out as if its a free commodity. Once you have met a mutual respect for a person, then, you have the ground to find the barriers of trust. Just know, not everyone has the same intention as you. Hold demands which must be met, before giving yourself to anything or anyone, who may take it for granted. You deserve better. Hold expectations, if they are not met, do not devalue yourself for anyone, who will not better themselves for you.

Denied of Individuality 

 To read information, allows our implicit functions to be the first narrative of that information. This allows you to judge the value of this information through your own cognitive acceptance of context, and other factors of individual understanding.
  When listening and watching scripted broadcast, we do not create the context. It is provided, and the narrative, is 2nd hand information, that holds a predetermined value, which because of overall logic, we accept, or decline each of these concepts, bypassing implicit delegation, and minimizing cognitive response. These are the 2 main factors which make us unique as individuals, and gives the ability to communicate our personal feelings. These functions are mandatory for personal preference and individual thought. Without them, you are in a constant state of manipulated conciousness, and highly susceptable to group polarization. The placement of our social status, and by the many categories we given, which start at birth, via ss#, and the classes of capitalism.


A stance with the initiative to produce factual representations, of hidden manipulation. A tool to provide anyone trapped in such concepts unknowingly, the ability to question the motives. In a world of narratives, the truth is hard to find. A basis of places to look for your own understanding, to expand the mind and give a different perspective, which needs no outside narratives.


                      A greenMindz logic

Bradley Jones