2 Sep 2020


Mark Zuckerberg, you have lost your goddamn mind. There is no means to actually get in direct contact with you. I have had contact with Jon Bel Edward's, the disgrace Ted Wheeler, and even direct contact to the President himself. But you hide behind a list of premeditated choices, which have premeditated answers, which is a piss poor characteristic, of sorry excuse for an American. You hide behind your pathetic attempts at exploiting factual information, by censoring the truth, with suggestive garbage that holds no value in definition, or merit of truth. You disgrace the nation, and you make a complete mockery of yourself. You hold no answers of any profound understanding, that would give you the ability or right to censor anyone. You lie with a plastic smile, that hides a ego constructed of greed, and a spoiled image of privilege, which you self righteously think you deserve. Your platform is nothing but another manifestation of fallacy, produced through algorithmic repetition, of premeditated misguidance, and holds no value of any importance, outside the opinions and proposals of social status, and no one should ever be dependent upon, for any factual basis of importance, or value due to your direct imposition of personal opinion over fact and truth. If I was in any form of a moderator, to your fact checks. I hwould hold you to a fine, of no less than $10,000 for every word you place as fact, through your process of unchecked censorship, through opinionated disinformation, and follow each, with 30 days in jail, for treasonous propaganda, and corrupting the mind of the people, and defacing the value of truth. 
21 Aug 2020

corona cocktail

There is a plague upon our Nation. In logic, not of our own, we are forcefully manipulated by this implicit infection, that enters through any available access to the individual mind. It causes hysteria, mass delusion, along with a highly aggressive paranoia, of a hghly contagious thought. As a pathogenic obsenity, which devours cognitigion, by taking the ability to think and act, of our true instictinction. It promises safety by opinion, by conflicting truth, with suggestion, and attacks in a scheduled consistency. It is fear, and we are being force fed this fear to remain calm, while that which we have denied, can be force fed, without question. 

     I am full, and tired of watching the lamb being conditioned for the slaughter. We must test this fear, otherwise, there is no way to prevail.

18 Aug 2020

The devils of time.

Nothing is what it seems. Words have become a tool, to layer the cake with malice, to produce a slice of lies. What is reality? Its a simple reflection of the image of yourself, in a world made of your own ideals, that no one else will ever see. Where does it come from? It is produced by self indulged concepts, and the amount of devils, you have in your pocket. What is it worth? Nothing, to anyone other than yourself. The world spins on a axis, which does not concern anyone, and will spin until it stops, with no concern of anything, or anyone. We bleed the world of the blood, in which it lives, to line our pockets with as many devils as it can hold, as we take claim to things which is not ours, and we have no right to sell. Happiness is a dream. Within this nightmare, the pendulum swings, without cause, to spread the malice of false hope to a world ignorant to the fact that we are programed to say, and do, only the things which those devils supply. There is no promise, there is no tomorrow, the days are made of man made algorithms, to keep you in a hurry, to be controlled and works with the devils of cash, called time. We flex our abilities that are neither able, or our own. The systematic fallacies, of today, will not match the devils of tomorrow, nor will they matter, or match the words said today. We are a product of our environment, purchased by the devils, and controlled by time. We waste the moments, because no moments exist, without the increments of time, to deny time is to open reality, to open reality, will undo the world and bypass the devils which we work, we spend, we fight, and we bleed. The all mighty dollar has consumed us all. Making us hold value over one another, by the amount of devils we hold.we are no better, we are no worse, than our willingness and extent we will go to secure the devil is in our home, our life, secure in the hell of what is known as our bank account. We kill life, to create more, and more devils, which along with time holds no value to us, but we serve these man created false idols above all else. So who are you? Without the devils of man and the following of a man made sequence of time, who are you? That can only be known by the removal of expectations of the world, which we all are asleep. The claim to be woke, then looting these devils to spend and further the system of time and control is an act of war against everything that does not require time or money to exist. We are but fools in a pasture, we are not the sheep, but the grass which they feed. We are the solution, and the problem, that fight with each other, so others watching will thrive above all else. We are neither awake, nor are we sleeping, because we do not know a reality outside of our own self, and the devils we serve in the time we are controlled, which make up the false reality, we are all willing to die for. We were not the beginning, but we will surely be the end.
18 Aug 2020


If you knew the truth, if you knew the reason for the way everything is. What would you do with that information? If you chose to release it in one big spill, that exposes all. Would anyone listen? Could you handle the weight of the ignorant who insult you? Would paranoia overwhelm you in the fact that someone is already watching you, how many more are now? Could you sleep at night knowing you have the key to understanding? Could you sleep at all? Do we purposely set our defenses against the unknown? Or are we conditioned to defend these reasons, which we do not know? Would anything change if this information was released? Or would the information fade away unheard, and un noticed? Can we answer these questions honestly, or is honesty another condition which we have been unknowingly forced to conceive as our own? 
 The brain only allows us to see what it deems as reality, through endless filters it takes in factors, which would affect us in a negative and unhealthy way, leaving out most of these key aspects which would allow us to be overwhelmed with reality. Which we only obtain around 18%-22% of actual reality, before the brain filters our visual representation of what we consider truth. 
  Knowing this, would you be able to accept information that would alter your reality in one spill of information? Maybe you have this information, and the world is waiting for you to break the walls, and save us all. Or maybe, we all know nothing, and the world is waiting for us to think for ourselves, and stop repeating the same thoughts, which isn't deemed important through a conditioned state which we not only accept, but enjoy.
  I wonder what the television will reveal today
16 Aug 2020


  To hear anyone place themselves over anyone, is something that ill never understand. The lack of respect that is shown, comes from the lack of many things, that was not available, or rejected as knowledge. No one is owed anything, to expect to be placed as a priority, and belittle someone is the direct actions of a fool. To further that expectation with violence, it becomes a problem.

  The world today, is not the world that it once was, and the people have become conditioned, and value opinion over truth. Stubborn to a world which has no past, is killing the present, so that there will be no future at all. This seems to be the goal, in the day to day occurances, that takes claims to titles, which they can not define.

  This virus began as a invisible threat, it then grew into a lockdown of fear. Now, it is nothing more than the reality of a bad horror movie, even with all the violence and evil, its no more than people. The evil that is taking place cannot be explained, or denied. Yet, the royal thoughts of a few have held themselves higher than the rest, and will see the truth of their vile acts of malice, and they will not learn. They will hold themselves to the extent of which they do not know, do not and can not define. 

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Bradley Jones