13 Jun 2021


There is a balance between the things we know, and the things we think we know. A simple mind will become stuck on the opinions of others, whereas independent thinkers filter information through logic and reason. This causes the simple mind to refuse any information that goes against the  opinions that they have, because the opinion itself is not their own. This can be seen by the ability to premeditate their response, to any information which goes against their narrative. They do not follow facts, or truth, and will refuse all information. Introducing opposing facts will cause them to become very defensive, and they will begin to insult your character as a tactic to change the subject. However, this only means that you are right, and they will throw a fit like a child, before ever backing down. So do not let them get you upset. If you are being insulted, its because you have control of the situation, by attacking your character, they aim to control your emotions.
25 Feb 2021

Individual thought



                      and the



   We must stop funding these institutions that are placing their personal agenda over the purpose of there intention. Education is not about any one sided indoctrination of how to think. It is to provide the understanding of our development, and how that development has transpired throughout history. This is so we may understand the reasoning of the outcomes and the consequential impacts they placed on society. This is only the purpose one subject, and not the entirety of education. History is important, so that we understand every aspect, not just certain points and perspectives. History will always repeat itself, because of this we see the difference of a statue, and a monument. The feelings we get when we see a "statue," which represents our past, are not wrong, they are the monumental reminders of how destructive our nature can be. These feelings are meant to remind us that we have struggled and suffered many horrendous acts before, yet, we stood through the malice, and prevailed as a nation. This is why history is so important to the future generations. However, the demand of society requires more than just the social, and economic development of our nation's history. There must be dependable mathematics, literature, writing, and every subject is just as important to a child as the next. It is beyond time to acknowledge the true issues within our educational system, and it is not the minds which are depending on this knowledge, to thrive in a society that is hurting, and begging for change. It is the misguided placement of priority from the ones which are trusted to provide our children with these resources and abilities to gain the ability to thrive. This has become unacceptable, and in no way, shape or form are these people passionate about the minds or the future of our children, or our nation. They have placed themselves before the needs of the ones who depend on them, and now hold this dependency as ransom, in a selfish, unacceptable act to meet their self indulged agenda. 

  This is the true problem which begins in the education system, and extends to the highest level of our government. It is not racism, it is not immunity, vaccines, or any disease. It is the ignorance of forced polarization from outside influence, that has been used to divide our nation, and segregate our minds, which is the true virus. The horrendous acts of a nation's history, is being used as a weapon against us all. The time of silence is over, the biggest mistake ever made is allowing this pestilence to exist, because we do not wish to offend the ignorance of indoctrination. It has to stop now. Our children, our society, and our nation needs us, we cannot sit and do nothing while this country is screaming for our help. Because, if we will not stand for anything, we will certainly lose everything. The nation is our responsibility and the world looks to us for strength. If we do nothing, we let down far more than ourselves, and our family, but our nation, and the entire world which is being bled out, right in front of our face. A greenMindz logic

22 Jan 2021


If you want to know if life can survive on Mars, instead of the massive delay in travel time, why don't you figure out a way for your million dollar robots to plant and grow a seed. That would be some damn lead way and a hell of a accomplishment. To provide for life on a distant planet, get a natural forrest going, and try to shake it to possible self sustainability, then let it grow. If it is as the earth, it isn't dead, maybe, it is a blank canvas. What if that is the goal, the reason. To jump start the process, not to save ourselves, but to make sure that life will prevail. What if that is the thing we have been missing, because we are to concerned with consuming everything we want, and wasting the things others desperately need. Its a thought..
2 Dec 2020

The future of a Nation 

Its about time for someone to swing for the mockery made of the last 4 years and the complete neglect of obligations to the people. The Democratic party has left the building. This left logic is madness, and has wasted the time and money of Americans, on both sides of the spectrum. Now tell me one thing that has come from Nancy Pelosi...One thing that Chuck Schumer accomplished, besides allowing their districts to become a third world state, with the highest tax rates in the country, California is allowing homeless to use the streets as a dope house, and a toilet.... 4 years now. They have pissed away the care for the struggling people, as we see mandates and lockdowns, which have cost the livelihood of a lifetime of blood, sweat, and tears, which have been shed to stand where you were, and watch it be forced to die at the hands of hypocritical criminals, who do not know a damn thing, but, how to secure their money flow,, which they were indulging themselves in comfortably, and denying stimulus, which for some was the last hope for their pursuit of happiness. In the middle of all of this, there was 1 person, who was hated by these traitors, and that 1 thing that the democrats did, was directly attack the President of the United States of America which did not accept a single dollar in payment, successfully negotiated with big pharma and lowered drug prices, told the Middle East that American soldiers will not be delegating conflict which we do not belong, and given a sense of peace, while bringing home fathers, sons, daughters, and mothers alike. Americans who without the President, would not be home right now, waiting to have Thanksgiving with their families, all while these democrats are trying to PREVENT US FROM HAVING THANKSGIVING AND BEING WITH OUR FAMILIES!!... I hope today allows you to see the need for one another, we provide for each other, that is the value of our economy. We work, we go to church, we learn in school, we celebrate with family, we freely talk and express ourselves,we do not fear racist street gangs are being paid to attack us with bricks for no reason , or do we?¿? I hope everyone has a wonderful THANKSGIVING. Be safe, and just give this comment a little time to fully settle.
7 Nov 2020

Ratify Yourself

  The ideals of censorship placed in the intention of a post Socriatic era, which western civilization held a moral obligation to fair and ethical treatment, of a demand for equality to all?
 The push behind the shove is that, America is the story of a nation which was formed by the People who were victims of a tyrannical british monarchy, which based its laws, and social exceptions with ALL intentions of being a direct opposition of this type of governing. It is seldom understood, that our constitution was a death warrant of a deemed treasonous attempt to divide a nation, our demands of the people, where considered high crimes against the king. You could be arrested for each of our rights at the time the were implemented as a demand of a constitutional Republic which defies the laws of a king, by declaring in writing that him and his rules were illegal in our country, and they are not welcome. That was the birth of what it means to be an American, and that was what it meant by freedom of speech. We then went to the common next stage of any new nation. WAR. 
 As it tends to highly offend kings, and dictators when you do not do as they demand, they tend to want to destroy anything which opposes them, in a premeditated thought of self preservation, to their power, and keeping it intact. We were not a army, we did not have a fleet of naval warships, we were basically still importing arms from them, and that's why it was so important to bare arms, and always protect that right, SPECIALLY, from government which tries to take that right. Thats was the intention, not to kill each other, not to kill yourself, but to have the ability to protect yourself from a government who will wage wars and kill you. 
These things were written with the intention to place fear to anyone who thought they could tread upon your pursuit of happiness, to deter them, and if they imposed beyond these measures, well, place facts to paper, and let them be an example to others. We stood against an empire because we were tired of holding our tongue against the self righteous acts of bastards. I think we have forgotten that, and we need to stop ratifying the Constitution, and start enforcing it, not as the mockery which has been made of our democracy, but as the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, which is being manipulated by tactics which, We the American People have deemed acceptable, and refuse to open our mouth because we have taken a burden to offending idiots.
29 Oct 2020

The end of what was

In the ideals of finishing a task, this falls well short. The absolute nothing, that has replaced what once was thought as love. What a joke. The seperation of constant change, has brought my understanding to realize that there was no love, there is no hope.

  I want a life, a family, a team that stands for one another, however, that is not what the person I looked to build this dream with wanted. They wanted to run around, and make bad decisions, and it has become apparent, that I am no more than a convient fall back plan. Fuck that. I have no intention of wasting any more time on her. There is no trust, and never will there be again. She has issues with pills that ultimately is the decision maker in her world. O well, fuck it. Where's the booze... 

16 Oct 2020

A Paradox of Peace

  It is our mobility in thought, which determine the value of facts, and separate them from fallacy. We grow past imagination, and as we bend the rules, we are conditioned by the norms of society, and the demanding expectations of conformity. We work the days for our accomplishments, to be told that we are failing by the media, in the form of news, as well as entertainment. We have lost touch with everything, and as we struggle to stand, we are fed fear through numerous products, and devices. We are seen as charts and graphs, that are being fed back to us in numbers called ratings. This is where the value of individual thought drops, and we are transformed into the mindless consumer of a population controlled by corporations and industry.
  We gather an overall logic, through a collection of sources throughout our life. They each factor in our implicit thoughts, in some cases, they can be overwhelming and can control our physical behavior. There are numerous ways which we process this data, as the brain gathers around one billion bits of information each second, (Khan, Benda, & Stagnaro, 2012) we often create shortcuts, such as stereotypes. This gives some understanding to a couple of things. That the brain is a busy place, and how often we may look for the quickest way to gain perspective. By placing a generalization of relative factors, we often stereotype individuals, by placing them into a group, or category. These factors are often based on visual differences, such as skin tone, then generalized to a cultural relativity, to be presented as a quick summary for personal reasoning. Though it may be convenient, stereotypes can be problematic, by neglecting the value of an individual, and placing an unwanted, generalized expectancy, towards a group of similar individuals.
  Stereotypes come second nature, as they build an idea of relative, and previously known connections. In our communication, they remove the need to stray from the main topic, specifically in the context which they are presented. Such as a response during an emergency, or expressions out of anger, we all are vulnerable to being caught up in our emotions. This is in our nature, as we are highly emotional beings, we have the ability to expand the happiness of an amazing imagination throughout our childhood, to the depths of malice, and revenge, such as the ones who work a lifetime and are now being denied their accomplishments, as well as their social security. Yet, we blame each other.
  Imagine this, A man watches the news before bed, it tells a story of a car jacking, which resulted in a black male being arrested for the murder of two individuals, and a shootout with police. This happens in a place not known for any criminal activity, but held a concern, as the man works in the area. The news continues its coverage of endless statistics of gun violence, murder, and grand theft, strictly based on a nation wide survey, and outside statistics of black males in the entire country. The next day, the man takes precautions by changing his routine. He parks closer to his office, but has to pay a meter throughout the day, which can be very inconvenient, to remember while working. Stepping out of his car he sees a black man he doesn’t recognize, going into a building across the street. He immediately remembers the statistics and the news stories, and through a stereotypical thought, begins to worry. He locks his door in a rush, and forgets to put and money in the meter, the black man from across the street notices this, being he was going door to door to local offices, and vendors to ask them to sign a petition for the city to remove the parking meters from the area, because no one should have to pay to work. As he waited for his meeting he noticed the man in a hurry, and walk past the meter, not wanting the man to have to face a fine for something he was looking to change, without thinking he walked to the meter, with intentions of putting some change in the meter. Instead, the man comes out of his office to find a black man, reaching into his pockets, next to his car, and immediately goes back to the news and statistics, losing all reason, and rationality. He begins to accuse the man, and use racial slurs, without allowing the man to explain his intentions. The end result is both men are arrested, one for attempted car theft, the other for battery.
  Although this is a hypothetical situation, this is one of many scenarios we face daily. The media we place as a database of credible information, present whatever information will produce the highest ratings. As crime and violence catches the most attention, it is incorporated into our news, entertainment, as well as the ads in between programs. By doing this it uses concepts of man as tools to not only get the highest numbers, but also look to create their own numbers. These tools are meant to divide with a narrative, concepts such as racism, and discrimination, all incorporated, through the power of suggestion, and a hope for higher ratings.

22 Sep 2020


  I've always been easy to please, never held expectations to others, yet hold high expectations of myself to make life as easy as possible, for anyone involved in my own. I have had ups that have reached the heavens, therefore I know the beauty this life offers, and the downs beyond the fires of hell, which has placed the value of hope that there will always be a better day. The small things in life are the only things I wish for, the family, the dog, the ability to make a smile in the situations that a smile seems impossible. I have given up lifetimes, and dreams, that I have been offered, but shown value to no one but myself. Without hesitation, I would pass them again in the hopes that I could go back and do things right. I'm not sure of what I did, or what happened on my search for this simple dream, which I will bleed to provide, and die to protect. But something stands in the path of my ability to see it through. I have lost value in myself, as I have given it all to others, who seek bigger dreams, and need it far more than myself, to watch my own value be taken, and turned into spite to be used against me by claims of love, and thrown out the window by what once was considered a friend, which i provided my home to both of these robotic personalities, which had no home, and no one else that cared, has taken its toll. To be stuck in the presence of this, and not be able to say anything or express the hurt that has been done, out of the importance of my son, is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I pray, that no one ever has to be in any scenario, that produces the amount of pain and hurt that I feel in this moment. There are not enough words in existence, nor enough tears that can be produced to explain the feelings that are tearing me apart. All while, still not being able to treat them any different than I would want to be treated, even after the hurt I feel, I cannot bring myself to wish this hurt upon them. I allow myself to drown while providing the ability to breathe to the ones which hold my head below the water. 
I only hope that one day they find the ability to feel for others, and place myself as an example to a world that has lost value, and seeks to destroy itself.
20 Sep 2020

fear flu

 This is my response to a doctor on facebook relaying information on the fear flu.

What about the car wrecks, the sky diving accidents, what about the kidney failures, that were already out the door, when sars 2 was contracted? Or the first security of a deemed fact, that sars 2, could not survive in temperatures above 86°, yet seems to be thriving in temps exceeding 100°. Along with the falsifying of death certificates, the fact that the president of the world health orginization, was the prime minister of ethiopia, until he fled, due to crimes against humanity, creating pandemics, by the use of viral diseases? You are not proving anything, except you were obviously sharp enough to the ability to cover your own ass, after the promise of funds, for falsifying death certificates, and the bonus for each ventilator.And I do not claim it doesn't exist, but the understanding of a corona, through my study of virology, is multiple viruses dwelling in the same place, and shares no value other than its terminology, and being the common cold which is a corona, and could easily be manipulated into advanced stages of mutation, which would be the reason Australian scientist found that it was in the 8th stage of mutation, which is not possible for a new virus, at the fastest natural rate maybe the 3rd at most. unless performed in a lab. So please enlighten me on these notions.

15 Sep 2020

Reconnecting the soul

Life. Its a hell of a thing. It seems like yesterday, it was an entirely different place, yet, has not changed a bit.
  We place trust in others, sometimes, this can be good, but sometimes, it gives us the understanding of bad. In the attempt at love, we drop our defenses, and grant our trust, along with our heart, to someone that claims to do the same. Yet, this can be misleading, often, the want for someone to care for, in the ability to have that comfort each night, we place ourselves forward, as the one we thought we had found, takes steps back. To further the delusion, there are times when others, which you have provided a roof, and a bed, when they had no ability to provide for themselves, and never asking of a single thing in return. That has given up their duties as a husband, a father, and now, a friend.
  Through the inability to hold value outside of themselves, these two equally have placed their self gratuity, above all else, without a thought, or without care, they think they have found something, yet, still in the self indulged perspective of themselves, do not see the truth. As the plastic smiles blind the reality of consequence, by the illusion of feelings, which neither are capable of giving to the other. I stand here with a smile of understanding, and a heart that is now complete, because what I thought was love, was just a tactic of self preservation, from a manipulated grin, which cannot love, and can not control the true nature of herself. 
  Through this direct betrayal of what seems to be a tragedy. By the words of another, which without this delusion, I would have never had the ability to hear. I am happy.
     Don't let people who cannot feel, use your feelings as their own. The hurt can be extensive, the cut can be deep, but, a bandaid will stop the bleeding, and a genuine smile can replenish the heart.

                     Rot in hell fuckers..     
11 Sep 2020

prevalence of the mind

Life is a struggle, with no proper ability to explain each feeling, of each moment, or each day. We lock ourselves.

  Some, realize they have been fooled by the world, yet others can treat people in a manner, which knows no moral grievance, to protect the world they know. This is societies normal. We have all wondered what a generation raised by video games, and the things we accept on t.v. why are we so shocked to see it.

 I no longer hold concern to a thought, that was ever valued by anyone anyway. I've been placed in a place where it has all fell apart. Each time I attempt to find a means to overcome, I am hit with absolute pestilence, that was the same person that vowed to love forever. A sad excuse for anything. Also, the ties to a person, who has stayed in my home, when he did not have one. Thanks. What a fucking joke. 

  There is no way to fix this, none. I have become to dispise the people in this world, and I do not expect any more from anyone. The amount of hurt that someone can stand, has a limit. As the world outside has been taking over, and the inside is broken, whats left? Nothing, not a single drop of value. It all goes, along with the thoughts of a better tomorrow, and wishes of a good day today. 

  Tomorrow is just another day, in this repetitive hell, that has surrounded me. The tears do not help, because the tears do not matter. Lost in a world, which is lost in itself. 

10 Sep 2020

Lost morals

What is going on. I look around and all I can see is madness. Its not just the media, its us, all of us. We have become something that can be operated remotely, through a conditioned state of contentment, that is just waiting for a notification to tell us what to buy next. 
The lack of initiative that has allowed us to argue about the justification of right and wrong, that the only thing that is found, is that none of us have a clue. The world is a terrible place, and people can be monsters, specially if motivated by greed, and a slave to both, money and power. We look at the world as if it owes us for being here, but this world isn't causing this, we are.
 We bleed out the world, then burn the oil in our convenient means of transportation, just to pollute the air, of the enviorment. We do this while condemning those who smoke, because its unhealthy.. can you see this hypocrisy? There are things that we should be respectful of, and hold a responsibility to keep, because without it, none of us matters. We are all products which demand the same thing in order to live. 
  there is not any form of privilege, or hierchy of value, we would all have the same worth at the bottom of the sea. So let's not drown ourselves in an attempt to measure the value of life, but live that life, for the ability to show others how to swim.

    Stay sharp people.
7 Sep 2020

delegated value

What has taken place, that has the minds of individuals so accepting, to defend the suffering of anyone? The people that accuse others of being racist, just for having a job and working everyday to have the ability to properly manage their finances, and build a home, are willing to be treated as they are less of value, have no dignity, and are willing to be treated as a dog on a leash, rather than stand up for themselves. I do not place any form of trust, towards these people, they cannot see that by doing this, they enable hate, by using racism as a tactic, which in itself, is racist. They will not be accepted by anyone when all this is said and done, and will be blamed by the ones they defend, in a form of a unexplainable set up, and no person will ever accept someone who justified the killing of their own race, because of any excuse, or claims that they did not know. 

  It is all in the clear at this point, and anyone claiming they did not know, simply has refused the truth, and fallen into a group polarization, of the group they have chosen as justified. These people are the biggest threat, they claim its okay to bash white people with bricks, yet, they claim to love their families, which are white, and are suggesting that their families, who they love, should be bashed with bricks as well. You cannot claim white people are the problem, and think its okay for some to be beaten, but not others. That includes your family, and yourself. 

  This goes even farther to the extent of our children. To try and justify ANY death of a child is morally wrong by ethics, and law. The idea that it is ok to punish a child, and their family for the color of their skin is a psychotic notion, and should be checked in every form and manner. By allowing this type of foolishness, it has given the idea, that it is acceptable, and people that do not want to work, or have any self dignity by being a productive member of society, have claimed to be the ultimate victim, that is owed for something that has been ended by a war, which was the most blood that has ever been spilled on this land, and by its citizens.

  This is a mockery to our history, and that includes the black Americans who did suffer, which terrorist are using as a excuse to turn the country into a place of self induced hate. There was a moment, when the world stopped, and was listening. These moments are far and few between, they give a brief moment, which the acceptance of a change for good is acknowleged, and is accepted to change. This moment was mocked by the black lives matter movement, which refused to allow any change for anyone else, and the actions which have proven who really holds privelage, and who is forced to be a victim of this hate induced hypocricy. 

  While this is taking place, the democratic party has denied the facts, and funded this attack of hatred. The claims that is is a movement that will not stop, even after the election, is a clear sign of intention. They are looking for the streets to continue to be destroyed, and innocent people attacked, as the accepted form of a future. This is not the case however, they forget that they have caused this, and allowed it to continue by giving millions of taxpayer dollars to support violence, and racism.

  So, open up wide, and insert your foot into the mouth, which has set fire to a country, just as it has to youself.

4 Sep 2020


The day begins with a frown of hopeless expectation. As each minute passes, it produces less value, and raises the bar, of a smothered disappointment.
  Forced into a content state of consciousness, which seeks to over throw logic, and send the individual thought of self serving necessities, to a feeling of immoral equality, and feed the lies of natural selection, over the true value of our implicit design. 
 What once stood as the fight for a home, now appears as oppressed displacement, of a world misinformed, and forgotten. Our search for truth has been misdirected with smiles of malice, remorse, and lies of contradiction. Value is replaced with coins, and the all mighty dollar devours the soul, and consumes the importance of future advancement, and replaces it with hypocritical fairy tales,which divide the individual, into a collective category with no ability to think for ourselves. We accept suggestion, as a moral understanding and purpose to our own decline. We watch the world, as if it is not our own, and delete our future, as we erase the past.
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Bradley Jones