What is it with the darkness of the unknown, that draws in our thoughts? The understanding that we are venturing out into the abyss, in hopes to find something more than ourselves, is a easy thought to forget. Although, when we see the pictures of the distant  objects, the colors, the complete specticales of the galaxy, it becomes more difficult to forget.

  These are some pictures, taken from the hubble space craft, which puts true color to the darkest corners of the solar system.

home pics

There are times when we stumble upon the oddest things. I personally, was drawn to a light in the sky. Far brighter than any other. The object varies in placement, and appears to move freely. I have found no explaination to the curious spot, but, I have seen it consistently in the past months. 

Still looking for any information on this. 

The most recent pic I have taken of the light seen in sky.
Bradley Jones