Understanding cannabis 


There is much more to understand about cannabis, it is far more than the common misconception, of being high. I will cover a few of these factors in a deeper explaination, as it has many uses, and proves to be far more than a single thought can grasp. The different variables, along with numerous properties which hold vast amounts of value.


strains and psychoactive cannabinoids

The value of any plant is what makes it its own. There are three types of cannabis plants, which are very different in the effects, as well as, the medicinal value. Cannabis gets its name from the fact that it produces cannabinoids, and is the only plant, and other known natural producer of cannabinoids, outside of living creatures. Humans being included, we each have inside the human endocannibinoid system, which is the largest system that connects the mind to the body. Its purpose is much needed, it provides proper functionality for our automatic functions such as the central nervous system, and it helps maintain homeostasis. As there are many types of cannabinoids, they each serve a different purpose, and are seperated by two factors.

The most common is the psychoactive principle, which is the dominant characteristic found in marijauna. Tetrahydracannabidoil(THC) is found in all cannabis strains, as is begins as an amino acid as (THCA),which is found in fresh cannabis, and is non psychoactive. But, once the process of decarboxylation occurs, through the drying and curing process, the amino acidsare converted to the psychoactive (THC)delta9. This is due to losing a molecule of DNA in the process, and is one of the most important concepts to understand in cannabis chemistry.


Non psychoactive

Cannabidiolic Acid or (CBDa), is the main constituent in cannabis, which also goes through the decarbing process. Once it is dried, or heated to a certain degree, by losing a strand of DNA, it converts to Cannabidiol or (CBD). As CBD is has tremendous medicinal potential, and acts as a neuro-protective antioxidant, which protect cells from damage, and degeneration. It has shown to relieve body convulsions, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. It is also known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in breast cancer.

 Research has found that CBD is an effective antipsychotic, when used in the treatment of schizophrenia, and is the first non-toxic exogenous agent, which leads to down-regulation of tumor aggressivness.

           (exogenous factor- any material that is present and active in a person or living cell, but originated outside that person.)

Bradley Jones