Rights & Liberties

Understanding Freedom 

         The purpose of government 

Jefferson begins the Declaration by discussing natural rights. Jefferson places the origin of natural rights in the “Laws of Nature of Nature’s God,” as well as being self-evident. Natural rights spring from very nature of man. These right are “unalienable,” meaning that they can be neither taken nor given away. Any government action attempting to infringe such rights would be by its very nature illegitimate. These rights exist, not according to which group you categorize yourself, but belong instead to each individual. Jefferson makes clear that natural rights are not a gift of government, to be arbitrarily modified or expunged by the stroke of a pen or will of a tyrant, but instead belong solely to each sovereign individual.

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Strength of a nation?

When conflict occurs between nations, logic and reason are always the first casualties. When tensions escalate, war is the hell which usually follows. As nations become more advanced, the weapons are now smaller in size, yet, 1000× more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This is a power which cannot be in the hands of the corrupt, or political tyrants. It is a power which has a destruction which would know no end.
Bradley Jones